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What We Do


We are the Branded Marketer of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CALTEX) for the Eastern Laguna Territory. As the Branded Marketer, our company PFDI has the sole and exclusive right to build new CALTEX stations and concomitantly supply the area with CALTEX fuel products.

We are the duly authorized retail representative of CALTEX in the territory.

We are currently looking for partners in the area as follows:

1. LOT OWNERS : For persons interested in having their property leased out to be used as a CALTEX fuel station.

2. INVESTORS : For persons who are interested in investing in constructing and operating a CALTEX fuel station.

3. RETAILERS : For persons who are interested in operating a CALTEX fuel station.

4. CO-LOCATORS : For persons/entities interested in leasing a space from anyone of our CALTEX fuel station.

For lot owners who wish to operate a Caltex fuel station on their property. Our team of site development managers, engineers and financial analysts shall assist you in preparing a feasibility study on the proposed area.

We at PFDI also conduct regular trainings and seminars for fuel station operations to ensure an unhampered and rewarding investment. This is in line with our commitment to Caltex in operating a Clean, Safe and Reliable service stations.

Please feel free to contact us at : – (632) 8265400